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Member Types

US Sailing categorizes it's organizational members by the following:

Yacht Club / Sailing Club

A Yacht Club or Sailing Club is a local sailing organization of yachtsmen and yachtswomen for the purpose of encouraging and directing the sport of sailing.

Affiliated Organization

An Affiliated Organization is an organization that is of non yacht club status. There are many types of organizations that qualify for this membership type. Organizations included in this category are:

  • Non Profit Organization
  • One-Design Class Association
  • Commercial Sailing Program
  • Offshore Racing Class College
  • Sailing Program
  • Offshore Cruising Class
  • Scholastic Sailing Program
  • One-Design Fleet
  • Armed Forces Program Station
  • Community Sailing Program
  • Program for Physically Challenged Sailors
  • Foundation
  • National Governing Body

Regional Sailing Association

A Regional Sailing Association is an umbrella organization of regional clubs, coordinating races, sailing classes, regattas, and handicapping. The Regional Sailing Association represents the area to US Sailing.

Click here for a complete list of Regional Sailing Associations.


A Corporation is a company or organization that is not of yacht club or non profit status that wishes to support the efforts of US Sailing.