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Award Nomination

C.R.E.W. Award

Minimium Nominee Criteria

Nominees can be an individual volunteer or staff member who embodies the fundamentals expressed in the CREW agreement.
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Reason For Nomination

Please include the following information with your nomination:
US Sailing recognizes an individual who has been an outstanding US Sailing C.R.E.W. member. If you know of a staff member or volunteer who consistently demonstrates the values expressed in the agreement, we would like to hear about it. These are: 1. Commitment to exceptional service, 2. Respect for each other, 3. Expectations of excellence, and 4. Working together well. Please include a statement concerning each category in your nomination. The Award will be presented at an Ceremony held in conjunction with either the National Sailing Programs Symposium or the Sailing Leadership Forum.

As the nominator please enter your information

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