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Award Nomination

2019 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year Award

Minimium Nominee Criteria

All nominations must be submitted by December 20, 2019. Awards recognize the individual male and female U.S. sailor who has demonstrated on-the-water excellence in the calendar year. In the past, there have been outstanding situations resulting in a skipper and crew nomination being accepted (Olympic years). Athletes must be eligible to represent the USA under World Sailing regulations, and actually representing the USA at the event(s) for which the nominee is being considered for the award. Most finalists have won a major international or national event and/or performed at a high level consistently in multiple events against elite competition. There is no minimum age required to win the award. The awards are not based on career racing results (lifetime achievements) or philanthropic contributions to the sport.

The online nomination form may time out. To avoid losing your information, we also recommend collecting your "Reasons for Nomination" in a separate document and posting this information in the content box below when final. Thank you!

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