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Martin A. Luray was perhaps best known as a SAIL magazine editor. He was, to be sure, better known as a journalist than as a sailor. Yet in his role as a journalist he was a staunch advocate and courageous promoter of public access sailing. Conferences. Marty distinguished himself as an Oracle of a new age in the ancient pastime of yachting. Time and again he used the power of the press to herald the 'arrival' of community sailing. Time and again he shared his expertise in the early years of Community Sailing Conferences. Since his untimely demise in 1993 we’ve missed his wisdom, his insight, his way with words and particularly his courage. To honor him, and others who walk in his footsteps, the Community Sailing Committee, with US Sailing's blessing, created the Martin A. Luray Award - which we know today simply as The Marty. The striking perpetual trophy, bearing his name, as well as the ‘keepers’, were designed, created and donated by Harken. 'The Marty' is Community Sailing’s highest honor. The Marty is presented annually to a deserving recipient who has made an outstanding and unselfish contribution to further public access sailing.
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